Take it easy.

Lyrics. Melodies. Harmonies.

Music is a breeze to the soul embers, potentialities likely infinite. Inspiration springs from a delicate blending … this mystical entity reaching into and beyond a man, wherever he stands … seeming to be the perfect touch for each peculiar seed held in the depth of a particular soul. Even now, sitting in a cafe in the Piedmont of NC, Neil Young’s I am a Child arises amidst the chatter of patrons. Ah, sweet. It always brings a smile. Attached are memories, chiding me to enter in … and go out.

A seed opening … reaching out to a sun.

Indeed, beautiful. Easy. Fluid. Reaching into those deep recesses of the dark caverns, it flows smoothly … in a manner unlike words alone … the blend of notes, meter, and rhythm a lubricant, allowing entry into the slightest crack. Shall it’s touch bring an epiphany? A smile? Or perhaps a tear … and turmoil?

I’ve always been drawn to those folks blessed with the ability to bring me the latter. Strange I know, and surely there are times I simply want to listen and allow the music to be … but I am ever thankful for those songs … those artists “connected” … whose content backs me against the wall, insisting I pay attention. And with every listening, I am reminded. Spirit moves as it will.

Such is the manner of Mr. Jackson Browne for this sojourner. Take it Easy. Many folks know this song, often associated with “The Eagles,” but one which JB co-wrote with Glen Frey. For me though, there were many other songs he wrote that held a stronger attraction. The ones with a “darker” bent … the ones that weren’t quite so easy. A few years ago I heard someone use that word in describing many of his songs, and as I gave it some thought, I could certainly see why. He seems unafraid when confronting the human condition, beginning with himself. It’s the dark, shadowy aspects that confound us … but yet there is something hidden there … only known when light is cast upon it.

I wanted to bring a song to you today. In fact, I decided to bring a number of songs this week, from folks that “entered into the flow” … and arose with a gift for (in the least) me.

Check this out:

~ there is a sense of one aware … and vulnerable

~ of one seeking … and seeing

~ one open to receive … and offering freely.


Here are some tidbits to ponder … thoughts offered that continually re-mind me:

Everybody’s going somewhere Riding just as fast as they can ride I guess they’ve got a lot to do Before they can rest assured Their lives are justified ~ No matter how fast I run I can never seem to get away from me No matter where I am I can’t help feeling I’m just a day away From where I want to be

Thank you Mr. Browne! Enough for now. Enjoy … be at peace, and however it comes, take it easy.

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