Stumbling along the way.

Years ago, when I worked with kids, I often used music as a point of connection. It has an amazing way of bringing folks together, wouldn’t you say? Most folks who play music with/for kids likely know about a book of 800 (or so) songs called Songs, compiled by Yohann Anderson. Heck, I even went to one of his seminars to pick up made coming into this new year. An honest assessment would have to include recognition that I’ve stumbled in some respects. Then I thought about the countless folks that are likely encountering the same thing. And then I wonder about how many pick themselves up and continue on because they know they have a particular purpose … that they have developed enough sensitivity to the light, that it takes but a glimmer … a shard shooting through, for them to re-member.

Here’s to each stumbling. Here’s to each fall. Here’s to remembering. That sweet, inner call.

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