Something from nothing.

The most beautiful and profound emotion can, unfortunately … but yet,  for some, their spirit is urged forward … to know the unknowable.

I have heard it said, “God can only be known by reflection” … that we can never approach God as we do one another, in our present state … that our knowledge and understanding of God is gained, for the most part, through carefully watching the varying aspects of this creation, including within ourselves, following the lead of Spirit … seeing into the reflections.

I have no doubt there is far more “help” during our journey in this realm than we know … and without hesitation, I’m sure we have more than we utilize. In a sense, we don’t need to “go to the top” for anything … for the “top” permeates the entirety. As Jesus said, “whoever has seen me has seen the Father.” The Creator is woven into all of his work, if we but have eyes to see.

But even in this … even as we “focus” our eyes in such a way that we “see,” I have a sense we know very little, relatively speaking, of who God is … perhaps only touching the proverbial hem of his garment. Is this acceptable to you? Is this why so many folks don’t seem interested in “knowing” God? Is there an expectation that, it shouldn’t be so difficult to know of something we’re “intended” to know? I can only imagine the answers, but if society is any indication, we probably do want it to be easy … like a weight loss plan that insists there will be results while being allowed to “eat what you want and never exercise.”

Expectations with little to no effort are not unusual these days … a reflection of our time … of us. Indeed it must be something primal that stirs us to consider the mysteries. In perfect time, seeking in spite of solid proof, men are moved … “faculties” dusted, subtly awakened, epiphanies unveiled gently so as not to overwhelm. To some, it is surely a curious thing, that one seemingly bright could be lured into such a dark hallway. What foolishness is this, that one could be duped by a mystery seemingly unsolvable?

It’s intriguing to me that a man such as Albert, a man identified with science, spoke as he did. Perhaps he was a fool as well? Ah yes, surely he was … another one banging his head against the impenetrable door, expecting something from what appears as nothing … while the whole of the world expects everything from anything, and is never filled.

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