Share that smile.

Today I’m drawn to share a song … this by a rather obscure blues/rock band from past years, by the name of Storyville. A friend of mine found two of their cassettes at a library in West Virginia many years ago and turned me on to them. If I must say so, they were an awesome band, with a lead vocalist that … well, you can judge for yourself. At any rate, it is a bittersweet song, reminding me how powerful a smile can be ~

I should be happy and I’m nothing but sad I’m going nowhere, nowhere but last Outside my window there’s a moon that disappears A new day rising out of yesterday’s tears So won’t you …

Share that smile Shine that light on me for a little while Share that smile Smooth the edges off a world that’s runnin’ wild

What appears the real thing ain’t always what it seems Sometimes the light will play tricks on your dreams Time has a way of sortin’ these things out Peeling back the layers of heartbreak and doubt


You can go on preachin’ your fears and alibis Watch over a world that unravels with your lies But if you decide to let a little goodness in Remember all the others and the hopes you have dimmed


Calling forth a smile, perhaps with a smile … and reassurance, gently leading another from the shadows of heartbreak and doubt. We don’t know what prompted these lyrics, but we have our own memories that willingly fill in the blanks. And if you “go there,” perhaps you would recognize how a well-placed smile may have had great power .. to smooth the edges off a world that’s runnin’ wild.

P.S. ~ if you enjoyed this song, follow the link from their name above and you can see them in one of the few live performances available, this one in Austin, Texas in ’98.

Enjoy the day ~ as you share that smile!

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