Remember to forget …

… to re-member.

Death is not an end, but a transition to another “place” … a transformation from one to another.  The wheel turns … and we roll progressively toward re-membering.  Granted, this is a perspective.  The “mechanics” … the “particulars” … are beyond us (or in the least, me!), although I suspect that most who earnestly seek will grasp the essence in perfect form for where they are … and what they need.

We may encounter death in many moments before the passing of our physical form.  We make decisions to move this way or that … setting aside something that may even seem to be “a part” of ourselves.  In doing so, we are moving forward … to fully embrace something else.  Somewhere along the line, we recognize the benefit in the process … and although it may be uncomfortable, even painful, once entered into, all begins to flow naturally.  Death comes that life may bloom again.

The purpose in my bringing this up today is that there are moments when … to fully “forget” something, to release it so we may move on, we may have to enter into it deeply … to remember all that it’s holding captive within us.  Imagine being on your death bed.  Could it be that one’s “ability” to fully embrace their death (and in turn, the new adventure before them) hinges on their willingness to “enter into” the memory of the life they’ve lived … and find (or make) peace?

Memories of pain can be held in the shadows of our heart and mind … and although I can’t be certain as to what is needed in which circumstance, I have witnessed (and experienced) times where releasing myself to remember (what I desire to forget) has been very helpful.  The memories become woven into our body (tissue), mind, and spirit … conflicting the flow of energy that is always seeking its natural way.  In a sense, we’re going in to untangle the knots.

There are times this whole process can be accomplished within … trusting in the guidance of Spirit.  Some can be overcome with and through the kindness and compassion of a true friend.  In fact, in regard to this last thought, a dear friend of mine once said (in essence), “I don’t think we would need therapists and psychologists if we just had a real friend.”  A compelling thought … and humbling when I consider myself as “the friend.”

But we are all different.  We respond to different folks and ways, and our “needs” differ as well … indicating there is no magic pill.  And so, there is a place for those in the helping professions … with myriad approaches from Gestalt to Jungian … life regressions to breathwork (whether it be from the perspective of Leonard Orr or Stanislaus Groff) … and more.

If one desires to enter in … drawn to dig into the shadowed aspects … to remember, you’ll know what direction to take.  It’s amazing how “life” seems to guide us precisely where we need to be.  We just need to pay attention … and be willing to take that first step.  The process may flow easily from there.  There may be moments that are more charged, challenging you to the core of your being.  But the call that prompted you will remind you when needed.  I trust in this.  And in time, you will find you’re able to release … and forget.

Life is filled with peaks and valleys … and just as with the Fool, who stands high upon the mountain peak looking toward his next adventure, he will most assuredly have to traverse a valley before he can stand at the heights again.  Each step has purpose, on the journey toward re-membering.

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