Quick and easy.

Most, if not all, of the topics touched upon here would take lifetimes to explore thoroughly. In some instances, a footnote alone could keep an earnest soul occupied for years. I suppose that’s simply the nature of the “unseen” … the “mysteries” in this life. All the “stuff” I’m drawn to.

Mind you, I’m not just talking about the heady part … the knowledge … the information, because there are some minds geared to absorb, file, and regurgitate. They do that part quite well. But most of these “earnest souls” recognize in short order that something else lies in wait … where that knowledge, which some consider nothing but conjecture and speculation, is “married,” in the deep, dark recesses of the cavern within … to the experiences arising through application.

And the 2 shall become 1 … just as in a marriage. A new being … born in Spirit … and never at the end of a shotgun :).

There may be some that come here and get It’s funny that many would say I have … that I spend an inordinate amount of time with this stuff, but I would fall back on the illusive nature of “perception.” From my vantage point, I have yet to narrow my focus to the point of piercing the shadows.

But I continue on … and this evolving “practice” of offering thoughts and impressions, laid bare for all to see, is part of the path for now. It is encouraging me to dig deeper. Little by little, often beyond my recognition. I had a hunch it would, but as for how “this” is all received beyond this little box? Well, I haven’t a notion.

One thought did arise though … tied to a recognition of what we’ve become as human beings, or at least my perception of those I experience (in one shape or form). We typically like things as quick and easy as possible. It almost seems as if the evolution of mankind should be judged in accordance with how long it took us to come up with drive-though windows and those absolutely amazing diets that promise, “eat what you want, never exercise, and watch those pounds melt away!” A demand for effort and/or commitment doesn’t typically lead to high, ongoing sales. It just seems best not to ask too much of your audience. Go figure.

Quick and easy!

Oooops! Fail!

Here, you will find fragmented reflections of truths perceived in a moment … by one man. They may be faint at times, boney frames without flesh, stalks without flowers … but perhaps there’s just enough encouragement to look beyond the veil. To take one more step towards that shadow. That’s what makes this journey so cool … picking up on the shards of light as they dart through our landscape, then making the individual decision to move.

There’s nothing quick and easy about any of this. There’s no magic pill or list of specific steps to take. And above all, no one will do it for us. Whoever seeks or expects otherwise has already made their decision. Status quo.

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