Prelude to a Fall

Ripples dance upon the surface of the rich aqua pool as dragonflies dart through the reflection of the pristine skies above.  From cliff’s edge, I stand considering how life teams below in this paradise.  My heart’s desire is to be immersed in it, allowing that life, that serene energy, to wash over me … to fill me.

Stark reality abounds in my presence … dry and barren this land has become.  Here, the breeze bears little refreshment as it only serves to stir the dryness to whirlwinds of dust, wreaking havoc on the life that struggles for existence.  I am not alone here … for there are many who share this domain.  Most have grown accustomed to the security of this world.  They believe there can be no other way, and with staunch determination, plod along day by day.  In some ways, I applaud them, for contentment in adversity is a worthwhile trait.  But my cloth is different … and though I sought to meet expectations, I found the fit constraining.  That which once brought fulfillment is now but a distant memory.

I am certain that some have ventured to where I stand … for the lure is here.  Some have heard of the renewal beyond but refuse even a glance, for fear they will succumb to the reality of themselves.  But I have come here on many occasions and as of late, have found myself a daily visitor.  I understand the uncertainty of departing, but I am drawn closer … and closer.

The glistening of the pool draws me to refreshment … and I reach out to her in my thoughts, swirling down with the breeze to touch her.  I kneel there, precariously close to the edge … in awe of the beauty displayed, not only evident to my sight but to all my senses … indeed, beyond them.  It seems that the picture before me lacks only one to fully appreciate her, and with this … she seems to smile.  My eyes close gently as I lift my head to absorb the fragrance arising in the updraft.  I linger there, but with a sigh, stand to turn away.  A faint, echoed whisper draws me to pause.  The now familiar sensation overtakes me as I hear her ask quietly, “what if, my dear, you should happen to fall?”

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