A point of meditation for the week ~

One card per week, pulled on a Sunday. One additional point of focus … upon the symbolism and however it may speak to us during the course of the week. The images are being taken from The Sacred Text site. Please take a moment to visit there as there are many worthwhile pieces to consider … but I have also tied a link to the card below where you can read a brief introduction on it … a springboard for the mind. The key words and phrases that may be noted are gleaned from Paul Foster Case’s book The Tarot. Beyond that, I will not offer much … opting to allow each of us to “gather” what we shall through meditating on the card:

The objective is to simply “sit” with the image for 5 minutes each day. Focus intently, but gently … drink in the symbolism … with a sense of “knowing” that the archetypes within are stirred.

For the 12th week of 2014:

8 of Pentacles

8 ~ rhythm, involution/evolution, vibration, flux/reflux Pentacles ~ the element Earth

  8 of pentacles  

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