These little lights of …

This is it. Right here in front of this screen. This is the place to be … as opposed to “where” I was a moment ago.

The issue at hand is that this is the first I’ve been here in a number of days. For the most part I cast “blame” to a rather imposing work project … one that comes hard, slips into the shadows of “not right now,” and then storms back quickly with a vengeance, proclaiming “why the hell have you been ignorin’ me?”

Ah, such is life, eh?

I poured into the “mundane” work of this life during most of the weekend, expecting to re-establish a center of sorts … and I just about made it 🙂 !!

It’s now 7:00 and I’m sitting here, although the “juices” are flowing a bit like a wet-weather stream in mid-August. There were a couple of thoughts that seemed worthy of mention, but I set them both aside for the simple glow of two candles … two candles whose flames will never fade if but I cast a glance their way.

This life is challenging. Each of us have our struggles, wrestle with In fact, today (the 24th) is the 24th anniversary of Grace’s premier on this grand stage. They have both been offering themselves as conduits for a Light that moves effortlessly … and eternally … and I have been blessed immeasurably.

These little lights of … mine.

Perhaps they are “mine” in a sense, but the thought of possessing them doesn’t sit comfortably for long. But when we have time to sit together, it is good. And when we don’t … as they follow the bliss that calls them along their individual paths, all I have to do is “look upon them” in my mind … and I am offered another piece … and I am so thankful.

Happy Birthday ladies.

And with that, I encourage each to cast a glance to their own … and be thankful.

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