In passing.

Two separate phone calls were received this past week … with word of two people I know passing.

Death is part of life. It’s easy for me to say … and accept, especially as I’ve gotten a few more years under my belt. I say “easy” because I see “it” as, in essence, the last sentence of a particular chapter … of a particular book that’s not finished. Granted, the proverbial rubber meets the road when I face my own, if I’m given the opportunity to “see it coming” … or if I am with someone dear to me as they prepare for theirs.

One of those phone calls had a particularly profound impact on me. I used to work with this fellow during my years in Virginia, and although we didn’t run in the same circles, I did have an idea of “who” he was. He carried himself well.

Years ago, I remember some comments made about him, by someone I am quite close to … about how he viewed his work and his clients, giving clear indication of his philosophy on this life. It seems he was quite aware that “he” wasn’t what it was all about. In the corporate world he was quite successful. He had won numerous awards and honors over the years … the sort of things that have never garnered much of my attention. I didn’t take note of the rewards he received, but how he received them.

He was 59 years old when he passed.

During the phone call that brought the news, my friend told me what a blessing it was to witness him as he faced his death. As she shared, I was moved.

I talk about living life … about making it worthwhile, but walk, we hear the call anew … and in many instances, the words dance in our thoughts with the exuberance of an epiphany.

And in short order, we have forgotten.

But one day we’ll remember … “some things just aren’t that damn important.”

Thank you Jonathon for the spark of inspiration. And by the way, if you’re able, feel free to give me a tap or so if I begin to forget … again.

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