The mystery of simplicity.

In many respects, our lives are much different than in years past. It’s humbling to think that it wasn’t until the early 1950’s that television broadcasts reached the expanse of our nation. Have you ever considered how much has changed in a relatively short span of time? From what we are told, we have progressed in grand fashion … but in what sense? Have we progressed as far “within” as without?

I certainly have no desire to look into the details of what’s taken place since then, because my focus is on where we are now. As a man in his mid-50’s, I can’t quite grasp the impact of what it must be like for a young person in this day and age. There seems to be a constant assault on one’s attention … and the avenues for diversion are wide and varied.

Each of us must consider for ourselves what is truly important … where it is we will pour our energy and effort. What seems most challenging is the notion of slowing down long enough to actually “hear” our Self (2). Granted, this leads to even deeper questions. How many even consider the thought there is “something” trying to guide us … in a way divergent from the wide way walked by the masses?

This is not a call for folks to abandon life for a cave in Tibet … but is offered as something to consider. Is all we seek in this life truly worthwhile? What is … and what may be part of a diversion? These questions can only be answered during a pause … when the mind and hands are stilled from frantically trying to achieve this or avoid that.

It’s intriguing to hear what motivates man at times … that in doing, being, knowing, or having … we may achieve freedom. Perhaps in some cases this is true, and perhaps there are many more instances that much of what we accumulate (in whatever form it may take) increases the burden we carry, making our journey more tedious … with “blessings” shedding their shimmer for the dullness of collars tightening.

So how does “simplicity” play into all of this? There is no one-size-fits-all answer … but in essence, the word itself is in sharp contrast to the complexities this world presses upon each of us. Perhaps it would be worthwhile to spend some time considering the implications of digging more deeply into the mystery of simplicity …


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