Mental fire.

My first in-depth introduction to “The Tarot” came in a book titled as such by Paul Foster Case. Early on I came upon an interesting “teaching” … that the fullness of the creative process is “held” in the name “Jehovah.” In Hebrew, it is spelled I-H-V-H, with each letter associated with an element … “fire” – “water” – “air” – “earth.” It exemplifies, not only the process which God utilized in bringing the universes into being, but as well, that which we use on a day-to-day basis … for the most part, unconsciously.

In rather simplistic terms, the creative process is said to begin with the “fire” of the mind. It is the mental process of focusing on that which is desired … an “idea.” From this point, the “thought” is focused upon … pouring it like water into a cup, where it begins to take shape. In the example offered by Case, the idea was “sitting” … moving to the imagined form of an instrument which allows sitting possible … a chair. The third step, utilizing the element of “air,” centered on the process of bringing this chair into being. This element is associated with the concept of “dissolution” … and if you think about what it takes to make a chair, “something” needs to be “dissolved” … for instance, a tree. The axe swings, the air moves, and the tree falls … until it finally comes to a point of being what it was intended to be … a chair for sitting.

My intent today is actually not to go into depth with this process … or the Tarot … but to introduce “a Truth” which is considered to be one of the 7 Hermetic Principles … and the forgoing explanation of the creative process serves as an appropriate introduction (at least in my mind :)). These principles can be found in a book called “The Kyballion,” authored by “Three … had an “idea” of man … and brought this life into being. Is that the end of it? Surely not! Creation is an ongoing process … and we play our part, with our own thoughts and ideas firing the process again and again. That can be quite a humbling thought if one would sit with it a while. Ya think?

You see, we haven’t been thrown into this existence without great “power” at our disposal. The key issue, mentioned in the very last word of the first paragraph, is that we race through the course of our days in this life for the most part, “unconsciously.”

Case and others of his vein felt called to be of assistance to their fellow sojourners. They understood well the responsibility of, not only being aware of these “principles,” but sharing them with others. In the early days, these teachings were held close, but now they are available for all who seek.

Once a person recognizes they are not being acted upon … and respond passively waiting to respond accordingly, but that they have an active role in this life, perhaps they will utilize the gift of power they have been offered … their mind.

As I have mentioned many times thus far, this is a simplistic introduction to a vital concept, but in time more will unfold … in keeping with each individual’s desire and attention.

Stay tuned for more … or begin digging on your own!


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