Magic mantras.

Although a mantra is often deemed a sacred verbal formula, some may consider aspects of what I’m talking about here better described as affirmations. In my estimation, there is quite a bit of cross-over, so I’ll simply go with this as it flows, allowing each of you freedom to choose whatever label you wish.

I touched the edge of this yesterday. “If only” could well become a mantra … albeit in a backward sense. In other words, it would be quite a push to consider it affirming. Imagine if one was continually repeating one of those statements. “If only I made more money.” “If only I wasn’t married to him.” Just as well, they could take other forms, such as “I wish …” It matters not. You see what is veiled by the words. And how in the world could one expect “good” to come from such a place?

If however, it is flipped around a bit, and twisted outside in, then we’d be headed in a better direction. The flip should be easy to recognize. We flip it from a “negative” energy (or vibration) to positive. And as for the twist outside in, it’s twisting the focus towards the inner aspects of who we are. Now, indeed … one can surely set their focus on getting the car, job, and/or girl of your dreams … but I’m not going to spend time there today. I’ll release you to discover what you will about all of that.

For now, I will take the opportunity to give you a couple of examples that I use:

  • The Pattern on the Trestleboard ~ “This is the Truth about Self …”
  • Ham Sah ~ “I am, within, the Divine Spark” ~ short “a” sound on both words ~ coordinated with conscious breathing/meditation, “Ham” is spoken on inhale, “Sah” on exhale
  • additionally, I often create mantras for myself. An example created in this moment: I walk in the Light, embracing and utilizing the gifts imparted to me, for the sake of fearlessly walking the path intended for me.

The possibilities are endless, limited only by ourselves. And if indeed these limitations become apparent, I suspect they will be tied to our beliefs. For you see, that is where the rubber meets the road. These words are not like magic beans. One cannot simply cast them about and “poof,” they grow … or at least that’s my take on it. In fact, I have a sense they’re actually fueled by our beliefs … because interwoven in those beliefs is energy … passion, intensity, faith, hope … and yes, love. And perhaps that’s why the thankfulness or gratitude I mentioned yesterday plays such an integral role. When you consider either of these words, what would you equate the energy held within to be like?

As such is the powerful nature of this grand gift offered to each of us. Our mind. Take a moment and link back to The Pattern on the Trestleboard. Take a moment to seek into the spirit of the words offered. When I speak of how important our beliefs are, I don’t have a sense we have to be “all in” to realize the impact. We all carry wounds unhealed; wounds that begin to pulse pain in the shadows as any light nears. In like measure, there are aspects of each of us that begin to shimmer and glow as light nears … feeding on it … drawn as a child to her mother.

Seize the latter … and flow. Question the former … as it shouts “no.”

In essence, there is nothing magical in mantras, although it could well be viewed as such. In essence, they are part of the natural process of creation … setting the intent … and focusing there … as the wheels of the Universe begin to turn …

Begin where you are. It is Love that calls to you, not condemnation. As Light permeates the shadows, change will come …

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