Lighten up dude!

If given a choice of what to talk about, it’s a pretty safe bet a lot of folks would consider my favorite topics to be “pretty heavy.” And it wouldn’t be terribly surprising if, somewhere along the line, I heard the phrase; “lighten up dude!”

“Perspective” truly is a fascinating thing … as what seems “heavy” to some thrills the hell out of me!

Have you ever spent time with that phrase though?

“Lighten up.”

If we jump back to the Tree of Life, and dig a bit, we would discover talk about different “worlds” … sorta like layers of existence. Think along the line of Angels for example … and for the moment, let’s pretend we all agree they exist. And if they do, it’s pretty well accepted (perhaps?) most folks won’t see them toolin’ around the neighborhood.

This is because they inhabit a “higher plane” of existence than we do … one that vibrates at a “higher frequency” … and since this earthly, mundane place of existence is moving pretty slow (for the most part) … most folks simply can’t “pick up” the details of what’s happening on these higher planes.

It’s kinda cool to think about actually … that as we’re living our lives, there is “activity” happening right around us we’re not aware of … because we haven’t reached the vibration that would allow us to “tune in” to what’s going on. It’s pretty similar to tuning a radio dial.

So, if you want to “tune in” to God … you would have to dial up the frequency a bit … wouldn’t you say? Indeed … but my initial thought is … calm down. We’re not “going there” right now. The thought has been introduced … but we’re going to take a slight turn …

Imagine your time “here” has come to a close. You emerge in a great hall where before you is a scale. On one side is a feather, the Egyptian symbol for “truth.” Balanced against this is … your heart.

Is your heart as light as a feather? This ancient myth reveals what is necessary for one to move on into the afterlife. I’m not here to propose that it is true or not … but to stir the pot a bit.

How light is my heart?

I know the answer if I’m willing to hear it. And as well, I have a pretty good notion as to what manner of “stuff” is weighing me down … or at least I know where to begin.

That’s what all this talk about “daily introspection” and “knowing thy Self” has really been about. It is about healing. It is about preparing a canvas for the art of living this life.

What’s absolutely fascinating is that we convince ourselves that all the “stuff” we “carry” is important … when, if we would willingly set it all aside, we would discover what it means to truly be free.

The possibilities reach far beyond any words I can throw up on this page. I relish each remembrance of that phrase. Lighten up! It almost always brings a smile … and who knows, perhaps I’m dropping some weight each time I do. I encourage you to carry that little phrase with you a while, and with each remembrance, consider what would make your heart just a bit lighter …  

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