Journal – February 5, 2008

The first question that comes to mind is “why.” “Why write these words?” “Why more pages bound for a shelf amidst the myriad thoughts shared by so many … many who seem more “worthy” to hear?”

It is February 5, 2008 as I sit to begin this sharing.  In moments, I feel a bit lost, wandering the floors of this little house nestled between the Blue Ridge and Appalachian ranges of this Shenandoah Valley of Virginia … “wrapped in the arms of God.”  It is now that I have succumbed to the subtle urgings of … something … some “1” … captured by the whisperings, “this is what you need to do.”  For what particular reason, I am not certain.  Perhaps it is so I will stop wearing out the floors here.  Perhaps it is for my daughters … two dear souls who have proven great teachers, albeit likely foreign to their conscious awareness.  For them, I have thought these words may express the simplicity of their father’s complexities … the spirit journey (thus far) of one who walks beside them but may well seem in a distant land.  Perhaps it is to offer a perspective to those drawn to absorb the essence of the words, symbols of a striving sojourner seeking to reconcile within himself the variance of opinions, thoughts and beliefs that swirl within each of us.  The grand enigma … the great work of this life.  It never sleeps, working within and through us, most often unbeknownst to us … to draw “something” forth … a something that seems in slumber … a something that is likely “that life” itself.  And with this step of faith, these words will certainly help me as well … to come one step closer unto my Self.

And this is where I begin.  Within are writings that express the bounds of my life’s journey … the pendulum’s swing from joy to sorrow … black to white … love to fear … as well as a glimpse of the grey marriage of wisdom to understanding.  My only hope is that I simply do them justice in expression … that they may reach where they can and will.  

Sit with me if you so desire …

Disclaimer:  I am not an authority on anything; not a professional “whatever you would wish to call me.”  I have read.  I have talked.  I have listened.  I have experienced.  What I share could be likened to capturing dust, as the aforementioned have stirred the embers of my soul.  “And from the dust he was formed.”  “Dust to dust.”  Hmmmm … could there be life in this here dust??  It’s amazing what happens when we turn off the televisions … the Ipods … the radio … (you know,  the general onslaught of this information age) … to hear what’s happening right in our abode!  Oh, one additional note, although this is merely “my perception’ …  (and please remember the latter phrase because it’s important!) … one day, sooner or later, each of us will have to attend to our own (abode).

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