It is indeed elemental.

He was talking about prayer … saying we needed to be aware of what we are praying for … that we do most often receive precisely what we are seeking. As an example, he spoke of how folks will approach God in prayer saying “God, I need your help in this …” or “God, I need that …” … and in return we receive just that … “a need.”

Is this a ludicrous thought? Impossible? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

It is surely humbling to think words (could?) carry such power … and then to consider where those words originate … hmmmm?

Daskalos, when speaking of “elementals,” reminds us … we create these life-forms. Arising from our thoughts, desires, and emotion, are these “beings,” gaining entry into our world through our mind … “living and being” with our permission … and fueled by fabulously focused attention. Consider the “process” of creation introduced last week. An “idea” comes to mind … fed with focused energy … processes undertaken to bring it into the manifest, until … “voila” – the “bitterness” (or whatever) focused so keenly upon has now become quite real, no matter whether we recognize it or not. And although you may struggle with finding his hand to grasp for introductions … or an actual butt to kick into next week, he’s there, playing the role for which he was cast, center stage in the scenes playing out in the theater of your (or my) life.

Damn, these are not happy thoughts dude!

Perhaps. Perhaps not.

I suppose it all boils down to that question: “what do you want.” If what you want is different than what you see around you, the odds are high you’ll need to do something different to get there. And the odds are just as everything will flow in a much easier way than you initially thought.

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