If only.

If only I had …

If only I was …

If only I could …

Welcome to a trap. Welcome to an example of the shackles which bind man. Welcome to a mindset leading to impotence.

Can a man move forward before acknowledging where he is in the moment?

Indeed, an acknowledgement a particular way, but is it necessarily “truth?” Perhaps, as we consider where we are in this moment, what we perceive may seem to be truth. But perhaps there’s much more to it than what seems apparent.

A solution? What if we simply begin precisely where we are? Whether it be deemed “truth,” “illusion,” or a combination of the two, begin with the impression that strikes a chord. This may well seem a cop-out, but it’s only because I’m drawn to move on to the second definition noted above.

Imagine … no matter the perception of your present state or position, you chose gratitude as the lens through which you look.


Now, you may ask why I would say such a thing. It is simply because this is what I’m coming to know (4).

You may insist that I have no idea what you are enduring in your life. Indeed, but I sense that all men have their struggles, oft times hidden from the view of others … or awaiting their moment to arise from the shadows.

You may condemn the notion as insensitive. Perhaps … but would you trade the perception of sensitivity for the opportunity to move toward freedom?

I sincerely believe we come here in perfect accord with our intended purpose. We come dressed in the fleshly garb best suited for this life. We arise from the womb of the right mother, in the right country and culture. We come bearing the scars, holding the memories we need in this turning of the wheel, most often beyond our consciousness … just like freckles on our back … out of sight, out of mind, until the moment they call for our attention. We walk the path freely, but yet are ever-guided to moments and individuals with specific purpose.

This life is a gift. The Masters know this. This life is a grand opportunity to become as intended. To wish it all away … “if only this or that” … only slows you down. It won’t make anything go away … because we each need what is before us. We need it because it is all part of the journey.

Acknowledging where I am, accepting my present state or condition, is not a resignation. It is an expression of profound thankfulness … for something moving purposefully beyond appearance. I know there are hints held within each of my “if only’s” … hints as to why I think as I do … and what I should consider as a means of moving beyond my present condition.

“If only” is a wish, wavering in seas of emotion. Seizing upon the desire interwoven there, one can take control of their ship, the rudder of emotion, and set true their compass. My intent is surely not to oversimplify this, for I know it takes effort and concentration to overcome years of practicing a particular way of being … but for me, a great reminder is found in the 5th statement of The Pattern on the Trestleboard ~

I recognize the manifestation of the undeviating Justice in all the circumstances of my life.

I find this quite freeing. I may not be privy to all the why’s, but for some reason I’m not typically concerned to know them. I am where I am … and if I want to move beyond, it will have to begin with my feet moving. Any help I need will flow from there, fueled by a deep sense of gratitude.

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