Hiking it out.

A note before I begin: my goal is to “get ahead” on the writing here, where I’m not pressed to write a piece for the very next day. In what is viagra spite of being “on vacation” the last couple of weeks, I’m only now catching up a bit. And so, today’s piece was actually written on Saturday evening …

… at the end of a wonderful day, upper 50’s and sunshine. And so, having freedom to roam, I heard the mountains’ call … and I followed. There aren’t a whole lot of choices within a reasonable distance here, so I know there’s likely to be a crowd wherever I choose … unless of course I go early, which was not the case today. I do however tend toward the tougher trails, as well as away from those that everyone talks about … both of which tend to thin the traffic on the path I choose.

Such was the case today. All told it was about a 5 mile hike, a good distance for someone who hasn’t seen an overlook in a few months … and I scarcely saw a soul as I took the back way up Moore’s Loop, tackling the stairs first.

For that first hour or so it was wonderfully quiet. This is where I hear myself the best. There’s nothing to lure me away. There’s nothing to run to. It’s just me.

My mind turned to Dr. Len and Ho’opoponopono. I thought of what I had written just yesterday … about having this come back to me … about the technique, how it was supposed to work … and about really giving it a chance this time.

I began thinking about people connected to me … about how there are some who seem to have significant troubles in their lives. In some instances, “their” troubles do impact me, but I noticed momentary struggles contending with the notion that “theirs” was “mine.” With every step up that mountain, I began walking out the technique … or hiking it out. When I pictured some of these folks, allowing myself to linger, it wasn’t a stretch to see how connected I really am to them:

I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

Such was a good portion of my journey today … contemplating, meditating, praying … with that slight twist of “me” being the pivot point. Life is filled with energy exchanges. That’s what we are … with emotion and thought sparking even greater intensities. It’s easy to imagine these exchanges being imbalanced … where one or both of the parties involved doesn’t process the energy in a “healthy” manner. It doesn’t flow as it should and it becomes bound, stuck … in spirit and/or body tissue.

There are some seemingly crazy, inexplicable things that go on in this world. And many of them are clustered together under the heading of “spiritual.” Indeed, some of it is filler … great for filling holes and emptying rooms. But some, albeit out-of-sorts with the norms of most, has validity.

After reaching the ridge, sitting perched there for a brief moment of glorious silence … I began hearing the banshee screams of youth-allowed-to-wander … and took the hint that it was time to begin my descent. I passed many on the way down, but there was a place where I found myself in a wonderful “spot” … and I stopped cold. I was alone. Completely alone. And it was oh so quiet. But it wasn’t a “silent quiet.” In fact it was deafening. Fully frozen in space, I listened … and it seemed as though the entire universe was humming.

In moments such as this, I have no problem believing the unbelievable. In moment such as this, I’m reminded of how wide and deep this existence is … that it reaches far beyond what I perceive in a moment. I have a sense I have but scratched the surface of what is “real.”

Indeed, I may be off base … but if so, I’ll figure it out in time. What’s the harm in reaching back to remember what it’s like to have a child-like faith? What’s the harm in taking a deep dive into yourself with the hope you’ll not only awaken a bit more … but perhaps assist others around you as well?

The only harm to be realized is by that ever slight one … who simply insists upon leading, when his true place is to follow.

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