The Golden Thread.

Imagine you experienced God (1) in a particularly profound way. It could have been through a dream or in meditation. It could have been when you were hiking along a ridge or digging in the soil of a garden. However it played out, the externals likely slipped away, as you were absorbed into the moment.

But without a shadow of doubt, you came away “knowing” it wasn’t your imagination, and because it didn’t fit into any of your “boxes”, you were left shaken. You “caught a glimpse” of the Divine, and you feel “something” moving within. It could be a budding (or renewed) faith … doubts … joy … humility … or terror.

Perhaps you have to go farther with this evening, but I did want to introduce the thought. As I do, please understand that I don’t call anyone to accept what they simply cannot accept. I trust we are all precisely where we need to be. But I would ask you to contemplate this Golden Thread. I know that our ultimate destiny is a return to Unity. Some say it’s simply not possible in this realm of duality. Perhaps they are right … but nonetheless, I will share as I am led.

Afterthought: a clue to the presence of this Golden Thread is that it will not separate … only provide a path to Unity.


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