This needs to be written before its forgotten. And perhaps, with the writing will come a greater likelihood I’ll remember the next time. It’s not just one thing though …

On Monday, I shared about how Jonathon’s passing reminded me of what’s important. A mere pinprick to consciousness prompted the re-membering. Why does it seem I can lose touch rather easily with what I desire to keep at the fore? “I had it.” Granted, life presses in … the demands of “others” challenging for time and attention.

In some circumstances, the incoming calls for our attention are worthwhile. In others, questionable. But they keep coming … from all sides, continuously. Perhaps I get worn down … like the little bird with the crippled wing? Or perhaps it’s an issue of focus? I know my desire. My sight is set. I know that I want to listen more intently to others, to hear past the words they choose … but there are times I walk away from an opportunity knowing I missed. In the moment when I wanted to remember, I forgot. Indeed, it’s all a process … and my perception of “reality” is not always the best judge, but this is an example that comes to mind.

The Zen Archer does not dwell on “the sin,” but sees it, to understand what divided his focus … making his adjustment, that his next effort will be true, piercing the eye.

Focus. It grows with the practice of simply watching a flame.

Try it and you will find it’s not as simple as you think. Now, try to focus on two at the same time.

Can any man truly serve two masters?

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