Feel so near.

Do you know that feeling? To “feel so near?” There’s a sweetness to the phrase. But in this moment, as the words appear before me, a tear comes. As emotions swell, they call for a moment. What is being asked of me? Why do I respond this way? And why do they come in the moments they choose?

Perhaps it’s because I am being called … closer.

I feel so near to the howling of the winds Feel so near to the crashing of the waves Feel so near to the flowers in the field

These words come from the chorus of the Dougie Maclean song below. There’s something “new agey” … fluffy … about the words. But yet, they re-mind me. In spite of all, there is surely a connection between man and nature. The words, enrobed in the spirit of the artist … move easily past the chameleon to touch the seed it seeks. I know (4) there’s more than what we deem to be worthwhile.

Take a listen:

Ah, but not so fluffy as we move beyond the chorus …

Indeed, but I have a different view on our present “push” in that direction … or should I say “misdirection.” I’ll save that for another day, but these words do remind me of balance. “Man” is moved to progress … which means different things to different people. Can we progress in a manner that maintains balance. I believe so. Do I have a magical, pat answer to make it so? No. However, I do have an answer for myself. And you have the answer for yourself. Yes … that surely is a nice, neat little answer that essentially means nothing unless I put it in motion.

This piece of music cannot accomplish the “motion” part. That’s up to me. And you? We’re “moved” in ways particular to our “Selves” … and in my estimation, perfection arises from us each being connected with that Self … and simply being who we are meant to be.

What is our destination?

Have fun working your way through it all. 🙂


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