This is the page where I’m supposed to state that I’m not responsible for anything you may want to blame me for … or … is it really that someone may want to insist they are not responsible for their own thoughts, actions, and/or decisions?

Indeed … did you catch the vein of sarcasm pulsing through those words?  Suffice it to say, this lovely page “stirred some stuff” in me, but I’m including it because it is indeed a way to plant a seed … and have a chuckle at the same time.

My intent for this site is to share what I’m “realizing” during the course of my journey.  My intent is not to insist you believe a word I say.  In fact, I insist you don’t.  I make no prescriptions for another’s life.  If however, I may offend someone with what I share here, there is a prescription, and it is – don’t type this URL in your browser.  Simple enough.  Ultimately, I hope that’s not the case.

In regard to the content here, I do not have “it” all figured out, but I’m working on it.  With that in mind, I reserve the right to make “adjustments” to what I’ve written, based on cues offered by my (inner) compass, when I’m getting off track.  Oh, and speaking of getting off track, I love tangents … and also, ellipses.  You know, these little fellows —> … (the 3 dots).  Sometimes I simply can’t control myself.

Ok, enough’s enough.  In spite of having a great deal of fun creating this page, it didn’t even need to be here.  Right?


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