Be ye thankful … again.

A holiday. A time for family. A time away, to regroup. A time to get things done. A time to shop.

And perhaps, with the one we now see appearing in the rear view mirror, a time to be thankful. Ya think?!

Indeed, I’ve talked about this before. Be ye thankful. I do so again because it is worthy of constant consideration.

The month of November has been a whirlwind in many respects ~ stepping gingerly along the path of rehabbing my shoulder while embracing a rather imposing work-project, dropped into my lap and as it seemed to come together, withdrawn (with the clear recognition it will drop again … quickly) ~ making it a challenge to get “here.” Twelve posts for the entirety of the month. There were moments where I noticed “the judge” lifting his gavel to proclaim sentence. My desire … my “commitment” … was to be here M through F … and not only did I stumble, but it seems I got my feet tangled a bit while trying to get vertical. Ah, well …

… fortunately, I’m evolving a bit in regard to deflecting self-judgement’s jab and cross.

with me. For reminding me there are others who whisper for me to “open” as well. It seems they are playing their part well.

And so it is, if I dare pause …


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